Dana Recipient – 3rd and 4th Quarter 2020

Freedom Service Dogs of America

Link: https://freedomservicedogs.org/

Donate: https://freedomservicedogs.org/donatefsd/

Freedom Service Dogs was established as a two-person organization in 1987 and has become one of the leading service dog training organization in the country.  Dogs trained by Freedom Service Dogs transform the lives of people with a variety of mobility challenges as well as veterans and active-duty military with service-related injuries or post-traumatic stress.

By performing a wide range of task, service dogs help to increase independence and self-sufficiency of their partners.  This in turn helps to improve the psychological, social, and economics well being of their human counterparts.

Haute Yoga Colorado is a proud sponsor of Freedom Service Dogs of America and collecting and donating proceeds from the Dana Community Class.

Dana Giving:
Join us for our weekly donation class. Check our Class Schedule as class offerings vary from week to week.

While Dana is always discretionary, all monies raised through our weekly donation class will be donated to a noteworthy (local) organization.  The HYC community may nominate and vote for local organization to be the featured each quarter. (See Nomination Guidelines)

Dana classes do not count against punch card classes. A suggested $5 donation is appreciated.