Dana Recipient – 3rd Quarter 2019

Train to Transition (T3) Veterans Project


The T3 mission is to help veteran’s transition to civilian life through education, physical training and community. T3 provides sponsored memberships to Veterans at T3 affiliated gyms, and provides outreach exercise programs for Vet Centers.

We are headquartered in Denver. We work closely with the Denver Vet Center and Front Range CrossFit. Through this partnership we are able to provide exercise classes (bootcamp-style) to veterans in our area.

Dana Giving:
Join us for our weekly donation class. Check our Class Schedule as class offerings vary from week to week.

While Dana is always discretionary, all monies raised through our weekly donation class will be donated to a noteworthy (local) organization.  The HYC community may nominate and vote for local organization to be the featured each quarter. (See Nomination Guidelines)

Dana classes do not count against punch card classes. A suggested $5 donation is appreciated.